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Own Your Happy


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If you're feeling the call to uplevel your life, then you're in the right place...



the time is now

stop waiting + make the change you've been wanting Today!

I have said this a million times because it's so important! There's no need to journey alone. Getting support will
fast-track your results compared to if you keep making yourself do it on your own.  

support + connection


We actually have four bodies - 
the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. When healing the old and stepping into the new, all four bodies must be nurtured as part of our transformation. 

energy clearing + balancing


It's time to farewell perfection and any pesky self-doubt, and do the mindset work to rewrite our beliefs so we can see all that's possible.
Ps ANYTHING is possible!

 Powerful mindset shifts


Sure, stuff like money and work or relationship status will generally come to mind first, (and don't get me wrong, they are all valid and important to your happiness)

But I'm talking about what you feel on the INSIDE. The thoughts about yourself and your life that you take to sleep at night, and wake up with in the morning. 

Forget ticking off arbitrary milestones we expect to achieve by a certain age... 
I'm talking about your self confidence. How much you love your body. Your relationships. How balanced you feel. If you listen to your intuition. How connected you feel to your purpose. 

You see, in some way we can all unconsciously put a limit on how much joy, ease and abundance we allow in our life. Crazy, I know! That's why it's important to focus on... 

"Is my life really
as I wish it to be?"

Hey lovely, let me invite you to pause for a moment and ask yourself ...

Here's the thing, nobody's perfect!
We all have 'stuff' to work on and are here to grow, learn and evolve.

I'm a big believer in keeping things simple, because why over-complicate life any more than it is?

Making a change in your life needn't be scary -
I make it fun!

You don't need to do it alone -
I'm here to support you 

There's no better time than now. Yes lovely, trust your heart!

To see the change, you've got to BE the change.

And I love to show you how!

I'll show you the exact steps to break through anything holding you back, connect to your purpose and live the life you truly desire!


My powerful self-paced online course to transform your mindset, elevate your energy and 
create incredible shifts in your life

Own Your Happy


What's happening externally is a reflection
 of what's happening internally.

The catalyst for change always starts by looking within. 

Through learning my powerful blend of practical mindset tools and nourishing energetic practices, you will awaken your intuition, strengthen self trust
and step confidently into the life you desire


I would highly recommend this course to anyone who feels a niggle that there's more they can be doing to own their happiness and looking to make a change in their life but are feeling unsure where to start."

"My mindset changed during this course as I came to the realisation that I have all the answers within me to achieve my goals and desires - and that I shouldn't be afraid of owning them!

kind words

Recover from burnout, anxiety and depression, and find faith in myself again

Take the (terrifying) leap to resign from a successful 14-year career as a school teacher and pursue my passion - even when the path was unclear!

Stop living my life based on 'shoulds' and forgive myself for my 'perfectionist' ways 

Develop my intuitive gifts and reconnect to my inner wisdom 

and these powerful practices helped me to

I've been where you are...

In Module 3 we talk all things self-belief and focus on what your current beliefs are - and how they are either helping or hindering your confidence, motivation + success.

You will discover a range of powerful practices to deepen self-awareness, aligned to your goals and program your subconscious for success and real happiness! 



In Module 2 you will learn foundational knowledge for creating beautiful and powerful rituals to serve you well when developing your intuition and ability to listen to your inner wisdom.

This is a super power to harness not only during the course, but for your life!



In Module 1 I'll introduce you to my
 '8 Keys to Happiness' model. 

This will give you key insights and a clear direction as to where you will focus your attention during the program in order to create big shifts in your life



Discover exactly what you'll learn:

In Module 6 you will learn powerful tools for self-reflection and discover why it's so powerful to celebrate every step of your healing journey.  

I share my favourite practices for self reflection and how to set powerful incremental goals moving forward with your newfound knowledge and tools.



In Module 5 I teach you a range of fun, actionable - and powerful - ways to dream big and step even more fully into your power.

Let’s connect to your greater vision!
It's time to stop saying 'one-day' and really step into the next level of trust that you CAN have what you want!



In Module 4 we'll dive deeper together and release any mindset or subconscious blocks on your path to upgrading your life.

You will learn a range of energetic, physical, and emotional practices to declutter, release and free yourself from perfection, procrastination and self doubt. 



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Take yourself through the modules as fast (or slow!) as you desire, knowing you'll have access for the lifetime of the course and can revisit the videos as much as you like, to deepen the learnings and practices.
Jam-packed with amazing bonus content too - audio meditations, how-to videos, PDFs + more....

All this for just $333 AUD


Karen’s teachings were invaluable, she literally encourages and guides you each step along the way. I highly recommend making the investment in yourself, and taking the time to Own Your Happy"

"I recently completed Karen’s Own Your Happy course. If you’re looking to take back charge of your life, to feel calmer and more in control, and to find your happy again, this is the course for you! 

kind words


From the moment I met Karen, I was instantly drawn to her warm, positive energy. Karen's teachings have taught me how to be more self-aware and in tune with my emotions whilst developing a deeper understanding of how self-sabotaging limiting beliefs can be."

"Thank you so much Karen. You came into my life at the exact moment I needed you.

kind words

All the magical inclusions!

Immediate access to the Own Your Happy online course, 
which include 6 Modules / 22 videos

9 additional BONUS videos including:
(EFT) Tapping for Anxiety 
(EFT) Tapping for Guilt
(EFT) Tapping for Anger
How to Balance Your Chakras
Balance you Solar Plexus
How to create a Vision Board
4 ways to feel Happier
3 ways to Meditate
How to use Oracle Cards

PDF Workbook full of resources like journaling prompts,
affirmations, goal setting templates  

Library of Guided Meditations

All this for just $333 AUD!


I have continued with my daily self-care practices and see more and more how this is benefiting my work and positive energy in everyday life."

"I felt really "stuck" in many areas of my life
 and now I have more clarity,
direction and TRUST in my own vision.

kind words


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Are you ready to uplevel your life?


This course has made me think about my authentic self – who she is and who she wants to become. It has made me realise how many decisions I have made up until this point that weren't in line with my truth,
 only to please other people.

Karen has unlocked something in me, I feel like I am starting to have the courage to be who I am, not what I think other people expect me to be."

"If you are reading this, please take this as your sign to sign up to this amazing course –

I promise you won’t regret it.

kind words

valued at $11

A detailed look at this important chakra based on confidence + belief

Balance your
solar plexus


valued at $22

A one hour webinar taking a deep dive into the world of Chakras


3 bonus videos where you can tap with me on Anger, Anxiety & Guilt

valued at $33

3 x EFT Tapping Videos


Gain exclusive access to these additional bonus videos

Wait, that's not all!

How to balance
your chakras

valued at $11

3 of my favourite ways to easily add meditation into your life today

3 ways to meditate


valued at $11

4 simple and powerful ways to feel happier every day


Learn my steps to creating this amazing manifesting tool for yourself 

valued at $11

Create a vision board


4 ways to feel happier

valued at $11

Possibly my favourite practice!
I take you through how I use oracle cards in my morning routiune


How to use oracle cards

I'm on a mission to help YOU awaken to your power and purpose to create the life you truly desire.

I'm a Reiki Master Teacher, Holistic Counsellor, Time Line Therapy Master Practitioner, NLP Coach, Hypnotherapist and Meditation Teacher.

I was also a Primary School Teacher/Assistant Principal for 14 years before I changed my entire life and do what I do now, so I have a real knack for breaking down big concepts into easy to understand, practical steps! 

My work comprises of an incredible blend of energy work, mindset tools and take-away actions that WILL create a shift in your life. I've worked with hundreds of women, supporting them to reconnect with their intuition, grow their sense of worth, release past patterns and conditioning and create magical shifts in their life... and you can be sure I’ll be cheering you on too!

Hey, I'm Karen!

A lover of meditation (it keeps me sane!), proud pug mama to Audrey, sushi + wine enthusiast and serial declutterer. Not joking, I love it!

Meet your teacher

I've been where you are. 
It's time to stop the sabotage, clear any doubt 
and start creating a new level of HAPPY!


Working with Karen, you will feel like you are being lovingly guided in the right direction in life - and I guarantee you will be amazed by her positive energy"

"I highly recommend Karen! She is so nurturing, vibrant and talented. 

kind words

A deeper self awareness of your limiting beliefs and the practices and knowledge of how to release them

A renewed confidence to take action and a new level of trust in yourself

Absolute clarity of direction and purpose, and the confidence to step outside of your comfort zone

Huge shifts in your mindset in life, work, relationships + connection with yourself

The feeling of more energy, vitality and hope as you finally make the changes you've been dreaming about

This course is perfect for you if you want real results like....

Your next evolution is calling you.

Now is the time to get crystal clear on what you
want for the next chapter of your life.

You are worthy of embodying the happiest, healthiest and most vibrant version of yourself!

Huge shifts await you, as you upgrade your thinking
and up-level your energetic practices.

You WILL become a match for all you desire!  

Clarity, Self-Belief& absolute confidence in the path to your truest self

After 6 weeks you'll walk away with


I may not be perfect at my routine, however now I’m not judging and critiquing myself over it.
I can’t thank Karen enough for helping me recognise that
I am a light and a leader in my world."

"Love and understanding towards myself has made a monumental shift in my daily life.

kind words


A cashflow friendly option :)


tWO monthly payments of



Save $43 when you pay in full


one-time payment of

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Are you ready to truly
own your happy?  

Immediate access to my self-paced
Own Your Happy online course 

9 additional BONUS videos

PDF Workbook, goal setting templates + much more

Powerful journaling prompts for self discover + healing

Library of nourishing guided meditations 

It's time to own your happy and I'm here to support you with...


A lot of times in the past, I have never started a new practice or haven't maintained it for fear of not doing it 'just right'.
I learned how to let go of this, to just give things a go and have fun with them! This has really helped me maintain my momentum along the path to change."

"Karen is such an amazing support along this journey. She has an infectious energy that you can't help but be drawn to.

kind words


Her courses have taught me so much. Not only do I have powerful tools and resources, but I (virtually) met many other beautiful women on similar journeys. I am extremely isolated where I am and the weekly zooms were so uplifting and I just felt so good spending time with other like-minded women."

"I have worked with Karen on and off over the past three years. She is truly such a light in my life.
The most vibrant, welcoming, kind and calming soul.

kind words


Thank you Karen for shining a light on old stories and arming me with the tools I need to move beyond them. Working online is an amazing way to stay connected from afar! As always, so grateful."

"Karen’s healing sessions are like a spiritual power hour. We covered so much ground and with Karen’s ability to hone in on what matters I’ve already made new breakthroughs. 

kind words


It was such an incredible experience – I was able to release old emotions and really work through past events in my life, some that I didn’t even realise I was holding onto. Karen holds such a safe space.
 I had such great breakthroughs, understanding my worth and noticing old patterns of myself and others that don’t serve me anymore."

"I cannot recommend  Karen enough! 

kind words

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A cashflow friendly option :)


two monthly payments of


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Save $43 when you pay in full


one-time payment of

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You are worthy of living in your highest vibration