I'm here to help you elevate your energy, connect with your intuition and embody the confidence it takes to create 
your dream life

Hey lovely, 
I'm Karen

living out of a backpack for the best part of 9 months, I knew that there had been a ‘shift’ in my mindset, and in effect, that my return home would mean a lot of change. Completing my Reiki training in India, in the serene hills of Dharamsala, was just the catalyst to continue exploring and immersing myself in a world that truly does light me up – the world of holistic health. 

My 14-year career in Education had somewhat lost its shine, and in many ways what my head + heart + body had been telling me for several years, suddenly became so loud that I couldn’t stop listening anymore. 
The time away gave me something that I will always be deeply grateful for - a fresh perspective and the ‘hunch’ I was destined for a new calling.

My path from being a stressed-out, overworked Primary School teacher, to where I am now, wasn’t all smooth sailing and smiles … I have travelled on my own healing journey through chronic stress, anxiety, depression and adrenal fatigue.

It’s been a LOT of hard work, determination, tears, wine (lol!) and I have had to dig deep to continue to push myself out of my comfort zone. 

The low times have shown me to appreciate the highs, and the dark of rock-bottom has helped me see the light.

I have learnt the value of caring for my health holistically - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually - and creating a way of life that is about more joy, less stress and more ease.

After a heart-opening trip through
South East Asia,
India and Nepal

I can whole-heartedly say they changed my life - and they will change yours too! 

I am a qualified:
Reiki Master/Teacher
 Time Line Therapy Practitioner
Holistic Counsellor
NLP Practitioner & Coach 
 Meditation Teacher

 I am so grateful to have been able to turn something I love into something I live and share. And for that my heart feels full.

The Happy Co. is simply named –
because don't we all just want to be happy? 

To me, creating space to listen to your inner wisdom, and nourishing your body, mind & soul is the best way to increase your vibration and live a life of purpose, joy and abundance.

Thanks for being here… I look forward to connecting with you!

My healing journey led me to new levels of purpose and happiness, through the discovery of the holistic modalities I now share...

in my community

at home

get to know me!

I'm known to love a hug, hold incredible women's circles that foster connection and space for women to engage in meaningful, soulful conversations. There is just something SO special when women come together - it's magic!

I'll be hanging with my hubby Scott and my little pug Audrey, or relaxing with a good book as I soak in my outdoor bath - my proudest DIY to date! Sunday mornings you'll find me in bed watching fashion videos on YouTube, or rearranging my cloffice (closet / office) for the tenth time that month... because I'm kinda obsessed with decluttering and shaking up the energy of a space. I'm not alone on this, right?! :)

The Alchemist by Paul Coehlo
Every time I read it, I feel it speaking to my heart. It seems I’m drawn to pick it up whenever I feel a sense of uncertainty, a major change impending, an upleveling that's rumbling... and every time it redirects me back to my ‘personal legend’ and my faith is restored.
If you haven’t read The Alchemist, I highly recommend!

Everest Base Camp!

Thought I'd finish with a fun fact!

In 2016, I trekked to 

my favourite book is ...

tell me MORE!

Happiness is not a destination - it's a journey. 
And one that can be a bit of a *wild* ride! 

So think of the OYH Membership like your own 24/7 healer you can reach for anytime you need support to release stuck energy, rebalance your body + mind, and reconnect to trust.

Want to feel lighter, clearer, more confident and
EMBODY new levels of calm and happiness right now?

A monthly membership that will support you to restore your energy, connect to your intuition and uplevel your mindset TODAY!

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florence G.

"Karen’s guidance and energy made me feel so much more positive to see opportunities rather than my limiting beliefs"

melissa A.

I would highly recommend Karen to anyone who feels a niggle that there's more they can be doing to own their happiness and looking to make a change in their life but are feeling unsure where to start."

"My mindset changed as I came to the realisation that I have all the answers within me to achieve my goals and desires - and that I shouldn't be afraid of owning them!

Amy M.

"I feel more myself than I did 6 weeks ago.

I'm so much kinder to myself"

Working with Karen, you will feel like you are being lovingly guided in the right direction in life - and I guarantee you will be amazed by her positive energy"

"I highly recommend Karen! She is so nurturing, vibrant and talented.


kind words


There is no way to happiness, 
Happiness is the way