Own Your Happy

I created this podcast for you to gather all the ideas and inspiration you need to elevate your energy, master your mindset and create BIG shifts in your life!

A blend of spirituality and practical, actionable tips - you'll learn to balance your energy centres, manage stress and anxiety, be inspired by special-guest episodes and feel all the high vibes as you deepen your understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection.

Pour a cuppa - or a wine! - and enjoy :)

It's time to tune in and Own YOUR Happy!



- kyanulla

Such a beautiful series to ground into.
Karen, as always, is full of helpful tips and warm encouragement.
Love it!"

"Addicted already!

- Princessemj

I've worked with Karen before so I knew of how relaxing her meditations are, but I'm so excited to pop her energy in my ears whenever I need a hit"

"So relaxing...


Karen shares her whole heart and her words are soul nourishing"



Just wanted to say how much your podcast resonated with me. It felt like you were telling my story

"Thank you so much for sharing your journey"

What listeners are saying

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