Reiki Healing


I can't explain it, but I felt the "tingling" sensations throughout my body, and have never been so completely relaxed and able to let go. Karen also picked up on certain things regarding my own chakra blockages and those I had been working on at the time; it was amazing to know that she had sensed and picked up on these things during our session together. 
I honestly can't recommend a Reiki session with Karen enough,
it was a truly magical experience I will never forget.

"I was lucky enough to experience a Reiki healing session with Karen, and it was absolutely mind-blowing to say the least.

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Melissa A.

Karen made me feel safe and supported and I absolutely loved my 1:1 session with her. I can confidently say there was an immediate shift in my energy afterwards. I have no hesitation in recommending Karen - her vibrant energy will absolutely change you!"

"Karen's energy, enthusiasm and warm nature were
apparent from the beginning! 

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alex T.

"Karen is the most inspirational, kind, caring,
non judgemental and knowledgeable person.

I felt welcomed at my first session today
and I couldn’t recommend anyone better!

Thank you Karen" 

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janine S.

"When I first met Karen I instantly felt her love, and warmth. She holds space in such a beautiful way and has so much wisdom and experience."

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deep relaxation and a greater sense of wellbeing and peace

relief from stress, anxiety or overwhelm

deeper, more restful sleep

feeling energised, emotionally stronger and a sense of clarity

faster recovery or healing from illness, by relieving symptoms and uncovering possible causes – each physical ailment the body has an energetic cause

I'm a firm believer that nothing happens by 'coincidence', and that when we are open to seeing and receiving the gifts of the universe, things begin to illuminate on our path.

I'm not sure if it was the fresh mountain air, the indescribable energy of the town His Holiness the Dalai Lama calls home, but it was there that I was called to learn this beautiful healing art and redefine everything in my life moving forward.

I took chance on a ‘feeling’ (or intuition as I know to call it now!) 

And that’s where my Reiki journey began…

I first discovered Reiki in the hills of Dharamshala, India...

The Power of Reiki healing...

What is Reiki?

Benefits of Reiki include...

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Book a Reiki Healing Session

Reiki has the capacity to heal every aspect of the body - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 

Our chakras are the centres in our bodies in which energy flows through. Healthy balanced chakras are constantly in motion, imagine them like spinning wheels. At times in our life, these wheels can become 'stuck' and energy is unable to move. Blocked energy in our seven chakras can often lead to illness, stress, anxiety or simply not feeling vibrant, so it's important to understand what each chakra represents and what we can do to keep this energy flowing freely. 


Reiki helps to rebalance and align the energy centres. It encourages ‘shifts’ in energy leading to feelings of calm and ease, a sense of clarity and inner strength.

A Reiki healing session with me can be a potent blend of Reiki energy healing, holistic counselling and coaching,
and intuitive guidance all rolled into one!
Why? Because I can't help myself! I want to equip you with as much goodness and support as I can. I'm all about growth, expansion and up-leveling, and trust that my healing sessions are powerful, potent and always give you what you need most at that time.

A session is about 90 minutes, and this allows time for an initial chat,
a nourishing Reiki treatment followed by a debrief about anything that came up in the healing.
All sessions are ONLINE, via Zoom, which means you can enjoy Reiki from the comfort of your home.

As I work very intuitively, there are always a whole host of messages and divine guidance you'll take away from our sessions. 
At the end, we will recap the key messages and actions moving forward to support deeper, lasting shifts.

After one single session you will feel the benefits of being calmer, more relaxed and relief from tension in the body.
 I can hear you saying, 'Yes please!'  Reiki is especially helpful if you are going through a time of increased stress, anxiety,
 lack of sleep, or in general feeling 'depleted'.

If you are seeking Reiki to support a deeper, or more longer-standing emotional or physical issue, I recommend at least 3 sessions to allow you to see and feel the true benefits of Reiki, which will yield even further and deeper benefits overall.


90 min Reiki Healing Session - $195 AUD
Includes Distance Reiki Healing, Holistic Counselling/Coaching + Intuitive Guidance/Oracle card reading
 (all divinely guided at the time of the session)

3 Session Package - $555  (SAVE $30)
This package is for sessions booked over a 3 week timeframe,
 in the case you require deeper and ongoing support for something in particular, be that physical or emotional.
Once we arrange your first appointment, subsequent sessions 2 and 3 will be arranged afterwards.

What can I expect from a session?

Reiki helps to heal both present and past. It soothes our soul. 
Reiki grounds us back into our body, clears our mind and guides us lovingly back to our true self.

People often ask me if Distance (online) Reiki works in the same way - and my answer is absolutely YES! 
Once again, because Reiki is energy healing we are not working with the physical body, but actually the energy body. 

It’s well documented that everything around us is energy. Yes, everything! 
Reiki healing at distance uses energy frequencies that can’t be seen with the naked eye, much like electricity, wifi, phone signals and radio waves can’t be seen yet we understand they exist. 

With Reiki, the practitioner is the conduit of the energy. It is energy that must be “tuned” to the person it is being sent to. Once it is “tuned in” it will flow through the energy currents that exist naturally, just the same way that a phone signal or wifi signal does. 

How does distance healing work?

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Book a Reiki Healing Session

Distance is no object for Reiki! For example, I normally live on the east-coast of Australia and have Reiki clients all around Australia and the world, including USA, UK, Dubai, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. But I'm now residing in Bali, Indonesia for 6 months, April- September 2022! All my clients report powerful, positive experiences and benefits both within our sessions, love the freedom that distance sessions can give them in their schedule.

All bookings can be made directly with me, via the contact box below, or emailing me
directly at to arrange a session.

 I look forward to supporting you!