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This beautiful 60 minute masterclass will teach you about the magic of mirror work + affirmations and how I’ve used them to transform my self confidence and self love.

I will also guide you through a powerful Inner Child meditation - ooh, goosebumps! I can’t wait! 

Sunday 17th October, 9AM AEDT - LIVE via Zoom 

I can’t wait for you to see just how life-changing (and simple) this practice truly is. See you in the masterclass!

FREE Mirror Work Masterclass
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Join me for a nourishing 60-minute ritual combining Distance Reiki healing, meditation + journaling, to balance your chakras and align you to your highest vibration. 

Wednesday 6th October - 8pm AEST

Online via ZOOM. 

This is the perfect mid-week nourishment to help ease stress and anxiety, and anchor us back into our power.

I recognise this may be a financially uncertain time for many, so this event is priced accordingly in the hope it makes it accessible to all who are interested in attending. 

Reiki & Ritual - Online Event

only $11