Karen knows how to hold the space and share her divine magic.

 If you have been pondering whether to attend one of her reiki circles, I highly recommend."

"Karen's Reiki and Ritual evening was a beautiful, sacred and healing experience. 


The space was beautifully set and immediately allowed me to feel relaxed and welcome. Every detail was charming and tended to with authenticity.

I was lucky enough to melt into the meditation and leave feeling positive and nourished. Thank you Karen."

"I attended a workshop and loved every moment.

sara S.

I believe big things are in motion and I can’t wait to see what the year has to bring now. Thank you, Karen."

"Karen is amazing and I was truly moved and inspired after my session with her. 


On a friend's advice, I first started to practice Reiki with Karen and felt the connection straight away. As soon as I see or hear her, I’m at peace.
Her voice, presence, kindness create such a loving, peaceful and safe environment to be yourself, who you truly are!"

"I could not recommend Karen enough for her ongoing support and authenticity during Reiki sessions and Time Line Therapy.

kind words